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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Branching for 1.2 today...

Branching is complete, and I have successfully created two cbs of 1.2. I have updated the cron builds to generate three cbs per hour (for each branch) and three nightly builds. The build times have changed, with the exception of trunk:

Trunk: cb on the hour; nightly begins at 1:05am
1.2:     cb at 20 past the hour; nightly at 2:05am
1.1.3:  cb at 40 past the hour; nightly at 3:05am

I will watch the nightly builds closely for the next few day to verify they are not colliding. Though trunk's nightly completes in approx 55 minutes, and 1.2 should be about the same. Also, I have positioned 1.1.3 as the last build due to the possibility of "jar signing" time-outs.

Since there is now the possibility that the first 1.1.3 cb collides with it's nightly build (due to the time-out), I am removing the 6:40 cb from 1.1.3. It's first cb will be during the 7am hour rather than 6am like the other branches.


Eric Gwin wrote:
I will be branching for 1.2 today. There was one test issue that is being resolved and once it passes cb, I will be creating the branch.

I will then have the builds turned off for a bit while I setup the crons for three nightly builds and three branch cbs hourly.

I'm hoping to have everything up and running again by noon

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