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Re: [eclipselink-dev] BUILD STATUS:: trunk cb build failed!

Yea, it looks like a hiccup.

Upon investigation the failure seems to be be the result of not being able to translate to my user during cron execution. I haven't been able to deduce how it fails, so cannot work up a counter (and may not be able to - it may be the result of a timing issue with the machine restarting the cron services, and a cron job kicking off before everything is fully started).

However, it does only appear to occur occasionally, so I don't think it currently worth dedicating more time to the issue.


Michael O'Brien wrote:
   Failure looks  SVN uid  related (probably transient).

Build started at: Tue Aug  4 10:00:02 EDT 2009
    [exec] tilde_expand_filename: No such uid 9167
    [exec] svn: Connection closed unexpectedly

/opt/public/rt/eclipselink/bootstrap.xml:254: exec returned: 1


eric.gwin@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Full Build log can be found on the build machine at:
or on the download server at:

SVN Changes since Last Build:
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