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[eclipselink-dev] Eclipse Dev meeting

In an effort to make the commiters meetings more useful, I would like to propose that we change the format slightly.  I would like some suggestions from the group.  What would you like to see in the meetings?

Tom Ware has offered some suggestions, and I would like to present his here along with some of my own/

  - upcoming milestone dates
   - Code freeze,
   - Spec dates
   - etc..

Work allocation
  - What work will the team be focusing on this week

  - bugs/features

Release Goals
  - Burn down torwards the release goals.  How are we doing

At Risk
  - What features/bugs are at risk of missing upcoming dates

Open Design issues

I am also planning on publishing minutes again.  

Please, I am open to suggestions, I would like to make this meeting as useful as possible.



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