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[eclipselink-dev] Bug # MOXY Unmarshalling of a DateTime to a java.util.Calendar

There’s no bugzilla link on the eclipselink homepage so I’m not sure how to properly report this or if it has been reported already.


This is using  org.eclipse.persistence.core-1.0.2.jar


If you unmarshall an xs:dateTime into a java.util.Calendar you sometimes get the wrong value out as the timezone offset is applied twice.


In org.eclipse.persistence.internal.oxm.XMLConversionManager


 convertStringToCalendar(String, QName) (XMLConversionManager:360)

calls (indirectly) convertStringToDate(String, DateFormat) (XMLConversionManager:586)

which in turn calls applyTimeZone(Date, String)

      and then calls applyTimeZone() itself.






Andrew Gray


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