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[eclipselink-dev] SVN (main) pending commit: bug#283335 - performance

SVN (main) pending commit: bug#283335 - performance


Various micro performance optimizations.



- Add project flag if all descriptors are isolated.

- Avoid merge if all descriptors isolated.

- Some micro optimizations.

- Lazy init session event manager.

- Lazyer init identity map for class.

- Reuses original transparent collection in building clones from rows.

- Fix lazy init usage for non-fetch-join-fields.

- Cache descriptors map in session.

- Lazy init identity map manager in isolated accessor.

- Clear weaver after login to free memory.

- Fixed cascade remove/persist to return early when not cascading.

- Avoid uow/session cache check for read-only or isolated objects.

- Avoid reading schemas if not validating.


Code Review: Andrei (pending)


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