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RE: [eclipselink-dev] Cache Coordination Config

Perhaps configuration of a user-defined customization is better left to using a SessionCustomizer, as a user defining their own RCM manager is non-trivial.  Or at least configuring user defined extensions in general is perhaps a separate feature.



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   Given your proposal, how would a user or adopter/vendor configure a custom cache coordination implementation?   It would be nice if they could register their implementation via a property in the eclipselink.cache.coordination "namespace", something like eclipselink.cache.coordination.type = example.MyCustomImpl.  "Type" is the name of the field in the Workbench's session editor where this can be specified but I'm not sure this word is evocative as a property name.   Along with a custom coordination 'type' implementation a collection of  related properties such as "eclipselink.cache.coordination.mucustomimpl.*" could be defined by the implementation.  As long as all properties are provided as the cache coordination impl is created this would would work nicely.

    This issue of extension/substitution is actually broader than just cache coordination.  There are other places where we have "out of the box" implementations that can either be extended or replaced.   Providing a way to plug in alternate implementations of strategies/class that are currently hardwired in EclipseLink has been raise on the dev list before and a standard property based approach may address this.


James Sutherland wrote:

As part of my clustering investigation I intend to fix,

adding cache coordination config to persistence properties, proposed properties defined here,

Please send any feedback to me, or add to wiki discuss page.


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