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[eclipselink-dev] Recent build merges on 1.1.1 branch...


I just wanted to highlight some merges I've made recently. As you may be aware I'm working on integrating EclipseLink into the larger Galileo release.

- Fixed an issue where the stamping wasn't working for the fourth part of the version string (QUALIFIER).

- Updated the build to call the new org.eclipse.persistence.equinox and org.eclipse.persistence.equinox.weaving builds (note that they will do nothing if the eclipse bundle "org.eclipse.osgi" isn't in the jpa/plugins dir - which I've temporarily done manually on the build machine). Since they are not actual code bundles I've grouped them in a "features" project on the same level as foundation, jpa, moxy, examples,etc. It should be noted that at this time they are not currently eclipse loadable - I've modified them for use with automation, I expect I'll refine the process to allow both in the future.

- I have also added my work on EclipseLink features (based upon Neil's earlier prototype), and the build script that generates the deployable feature jars, base repository dir (features and plugins), and generates the P2 metadata.

Work is ongoing in this area, but I wanted to let you know what the additions were for.


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