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Re: [eclipselink-dev] [IMPORTANT] Workspace changes - Get dependencies from Orbit

Hi Mitesh,

  These changes are on both the trunk and the 1.1.1 branch.

I have not used command line CVS is quite a while, but we should be able to build a string from the info we have.

  The main part of the URL looks like this:


  From there, the orbit repository is in:


  And the various projects are in directories named for the project:

So I suspect a full URL would look something like:




When that is checked out, it is just a matter of determining how to get the appropriate branch. I can help with that if you can tell me what info you need.


Mitesh Meswani wrote:
Hi Tom,

Is this change going to be effective into only 1.1.1 branch or both branch and trunk? For people not using Eclipse, can you provide an example of a "cvs co" command to manually get this dependencies.


Tom Ware wrote:
Hi All,

As part of our 1.1.1 release we are transitioning to use Orbit to get any shared dependencies for EclipseLink projects.

  Orbit is the Eclipse project that manages shared dependencies.

This means that people developing using the Eclipse projects that are checked in to our SVN repositories will have to make some changes to their workspaces. You will remove the following projects from your workspace and replace them with the ones from Orbit. (Instructions below the list)

javax.activation (1.1.0)
javax.mail (1.4.0)
javax.servlet (2.4.0)
javax.xml.bind (2.0)
javax.xml.rpc (1.1.0) (1.0.1)
org.apache.ant (1.7.0)
javax.wsdl (1.6.2)

  Here is how you make the change:

1. Temporarily disable "Build Automatically" in the Project menu
2. Remove any of the above libraries you have in your workspace (you don't need to check the "Remove from Disk" check box to do this) 3. Create a repository connection to the orbit repository (CVS URL is :pserver:anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/cvsroot/tools). Do this by adding the CVS repositories view in your Eclipse and right clicking to add new. 4. Navigate to HEAD/org.eclipse.orbit/<your_project> . (where <your project> is the library above 5. Check your project out into your workspace. Note that the project will be empty. (this is ok) 6. In the Navigator (or Package Explorer, etc) right-click on the project and choose Replace With -> Another Branch or Version... and select the branch that you want to work with. (the branch names are the versions) The version next to the library name above is the one you want

If you have any problems, let me know.

If you are not running the eclipse IDE, CVS can be used through the URL listed above to get the same libraries.

Note: The versions of these projects that are checked into SVN will be disappearing soon, so making these changes now ensures you will not have trouble when we upgrade versions of these libraries.

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