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[eclipselink-dev] Running against Oracle db in OSGI environment?


I am working on resolving GlassFish issue 7360.  The issue is about not able to load oracle.sql.TimeStamp* classes while running inside an OSGI environment. EclipseLink has static reference to oracle.sql.TimeStamp*  classes from Oracle9Platform.buildFieldTypes(). OSGI runtime tries to resolve these references as part of executing buildFieldTypes().  I think this fails because (i) We do not have import declaration for package oracle.sql and (ii) There is no corresponding bundle providing oracle.sql.* package.

Do we have any tests that runs against Oracle under OSGI environment? Are they passing ? 
If the answer to above is "No". I think we should get a failure if we attempt to.

We will need to resolve how this will work under generic OSGI environment. (i) can be solved easily by fixing the Manifest entries for corresponding EclipseLink bundle. I have a workaround for (ii) while running under GlassFish where we have some control over the classloader hierarchy. I am not sure how can we solve (ii) for EclipseLink in generic OSGI environment.  Has any one attempted it?


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