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[eclipselink-dev] Fix for bug 269740

A fix for bug 269740 has been checked into SVN.

Patches for foundation changes and testing changes have been uploaded to:

Revision: 3762


Queries which use a platform-specific function fail with a "QueryException (invalid operator) in _expression_" exception when executed on a SessionBroker. The same is also true when executing executing a query with a custom function defined within/added to a DatabasePlatform subclass against a SessionBroker.

This problem is resolved by passing an ExpressionBuilder to the
ExpressionSQLPrinter used to actually print the SQL _expression_. Within the
ExpressionSQLPrinter constructor, the correct Platform can be obtained via the
session retrieved from the Descriptor referenced by the passed

(more in the bug)




Chris Delahunt

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