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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Eclipselink and Oracle Total Recall - Caching Problem

The issue is not exactly the cache. TopLink interprets the results as the same instance because the PK is the same and only one instance of any object is allowed within the Persistence Context / Entity Manager. You could try "eclipselink.maintain-cache" = "false" in combination with "" = "true". This should bypass the Persistence Context and the cache.

X-Rider wrote:

I'm using oracle total recall and I'm having really big problems due the use
of caching.
For example I'm doing a query like:

Query q = em.createNativeQuery("select * from table versions between
timestamp(systimestamp - interval '1' day) and systimestamp where pk = 1",
q.setHint("eclipselink.cache-usage", "DoNotCheckCache");

List<Table> temp = q.getResultList();

But all the records are equal, because the PK is the same. Eclipselink is
using the caching I think. If I do it by a native query without specifying
the  entity class the values come good, but then I need to construct the

I've even tried to put in the entity definition:

@Cache (type=CacheType.NONE)

But always get the samething.

Anyone knows how to disable the caching for only one query? Or even

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