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[eclipselink-dev] Eclipselink and Oracle Total Recall - Caching Problem


I'm using oracle total recall and I'm having really big problems due the use
of caching. 

For example I'm doing a query like:

Query q = em.createNativeQuery("select * from table versions between
timestamp(systimestamp - interval '1' day) and systimestamp where pk = 1",
q.setHint("eclipselink.cache-usage", "DoNotCheckCache");

List<Table> temp = q.getResultList();

But all the records are equal, because the PK is the same. Eclipselink is
using the caching I think. If I do it by a native query without specifying
the  entity class the values come good, but then I need to construct the

I've even tried to put in the entity definition:

@Cache (type=CacheType.NONE)

But always get the samething.

Anyone knows how to disable the caching for only one query? Or even

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