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[eclipselink-dev] CQ 2884: SDO changed to compile against commonj.sdo_2.1.1.jar

CQ 2884: Update SDO to compile against commonj.sdo_2.1.1.jar

The following changes have been submitted to change the SDO component to
compile against the SDO2.1.1 API provided in commonj.sdo_2.1.1.jar.

These changes have been submitted to EclipseLink1.1.0 and will also be
merged into trunk.

The Eclipse project classpaths for the SDO projects have also been updated
to reflect this change.  org.eclipse.persistence.sdo may now be compiled
against the SDO2.1.1 project.

Modified files:
	*	sdo/bin/sdo-compiler.cmd
	*	sdo/bin/
	*	sdo/org.eclipse.persistence.sdo/
	*	sdo/org.eclipse.persistence.sdo/build.xml
	*	sdo/eclipselink.sdo.test/
	*	sdo/org.eclipse.persistence.sdo/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
	*	sdo/plugins/commonj.sdo_2.1.1/.classpath
	*	sdo/eclipselink.sdo.test.server.wls/.classpath

Code reviewed by Eric Gwin
Patch attached.


Attachment: Switch_to_SDO2.1.1_Compile.patch
Description: Binary data

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