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[eclipselink-dev] SVN MAIN Commit: Bug#260900 - JPA LRG on PostgreSQL

SVN MAIN Commit: Bug#260900 - JPA LRG on PostgreSQL




- Fixed InterfacePolicy to convert class names to classes.

- Fixed DatabaseCall to use field type from ParameterExpression for null.

- Fixed TransformationMapping to init field type from FieldTransformer method return type.

- Changed TransformationMapping to attempt to use field columnDefinition to determine type if unknown.

- Added locate2 function to PostgreSQLPlatform.

- Changed PostgreSQLPlatform to bind Blob as LONGVARBINARY.

- Changed PostgreSQLPlatform updateAllTempTable syntax to be similar to Derby.

- Excluded Postgres from JPA pessimistic lock and store procedure tests (Postgres has these, but not as functional as the tests expect).

- Always force uppercase for Postgres JPA tests.

- Added TIME type for JPA test Employee transformation mapping.

- Made the JPA test fieldaccess relationship model isolated, to test isolated better in JPA.

- Made the JPA test AAA use a type converter for String to Integer, as it was doing the conversion without any converter.

- Removed the non ASCII character from the NullBinding test.

- Changed JPA ExpressionJUnitTestSuite to use EntityManager query API instead of ServerSession.

- Fixed JPA VariableOneToOneAccessor to also set the interface for the implementation descriptors.


Code Review: Andrei (pending)


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