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[eclipselink-dev] SVN Commit: Bug#260900 - Run LRG on PostgreSQL

SVN Commit: Bug#260900 - Run LRG on PostgreSQL



- Added persistence unit property, "eclipselink.jdbc.uppercase-columns", to allow easy configuration for Postgres which lowercases column names in meta-data.

- Fixed IntegrityChecker to use uppercase columns setting.

- Add platform option for pessimistic locking to use alias in for update clause instead of field name, (required for Postgres, possibly others too).

- Fixed TransformationMapping to maintain the field objects and their types.

- Fixed UnidirectionOneToOneMapping to set the type for the target foreign key, and to pass in null in the modify row for removes (Postgres requires correct type when binding).

- Fixed some database functions for PosgreSQLPlatform.

- Added option to DataModifyQuery to maintain modify row.



- Force column meta-data names to upper case in tests for Postgres.

- Added Postgres to TestSystem.

- Set field types for transformation mappings.

- Fixed no binding ConversionModel to not use binding on setup.

- Remove mapping removal in ConversionModel, as they seem to work.

- Some test fixes.

- Fixed setup of JPA JoinedAttribute suite.

- Core LRG now passes on Postgres.


Code Review: Andrei (pending)


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