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[eclipselink-dev] Fix for 253701: JEE container classloader leak on SE JPA EntityManager undeploy() - checked into 1.1

The following JPA fix has been reviewed and checked into EclipseLink 1.1.

During EntityManagerSetupImpl.undeploy() there are currently 2 memory leaks that occur because we leave references to the container classloader set. Before this change the application server required a restart/redeploy() to clear the references. With this change the finalizer on container completes either 2 min after undeploy() or (via a JConsole GC).

1) classLoader reference in JavaSECMPInitializer is not cleared on the singleton - Sei
2) we hold a key:value pair on the emName:entityManagerSetupImpl instance on a hashMap beyond predeploy() that is now cleared - Laurent

   Code Reviewed:
      Tom Ware (and Gordon Yorke) - thank you
      see rev 3015

       JPA LRG: 1063,0,0
       Core LRG: 6644,0,0
Verified EE(ejb.jar) and SE(War) JPA applications on WebLogic 10.3, Tomcat 6 (static weaved) EAGER and LAZY @OneToOne and @ManyToOne entities
   thank you

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