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[eclipselink-dev] Key converter support with ElementCollection

While working on the ElementCollection support, I noticed there is no way in JPA to specify or support a converter for a key column in a basic map mapping case.
Note, JPA doesn't have any explicit support of converters with ElementCollection but we certainly could add some since internally EclipseLink supports them. As it is a @Convert (or a JPA converter, @Lob, @Temporal, @Enumerated) could be applied to the value column of a direct collection or direct map mapping case, but there is no way to specify a converter for the map key.
Perhaps we could introduce another annotation? KeyConverter? MapKeyConverter? MapKeyColumnConverter?
In the interim, if users wanted a way to have a key converter they could either use EclipseLink's @BasicMap or a customizer to add the converter.
Anyway, food for thought over the holidays.

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