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Re: [eclipselink-dev] EM API Update -- unwrap(cls)

I agree with providing unwrapping of the ServerSession but unwrapping the connection is a much more complicated feature with quite a few functional decisions to be made and evaluated (ie, what connection do users really want (force transactional or the one eclipselink is using), what side-effects are there to the chosen behaviour, etc..).  I recommend filing an enhancement request to unwrap the connection and deferring to a later date.

Michael Keith wrote:
Hi Darani,

One obvious one would be a shortcut to obtain the ServerSession without
having to name it in a property and go through the SessionManager.

Another very useful use of "unwrap" would be to return the underlying 
javax.sql.Connection. A number of folks want to have access to the connection
for very specialized cases. We would need to decide whether calling unwrap for
a Connection would cause one to be allocated if it has not already been,
and there are a few issues associated with that, etc. but it would be worth
looking at.


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Hello :

I am currently working on implementing the following method :

public <T> T unwrap(Class<T> cls);

I can think of "UnitOfWork" and "JpaEntityManager" classes 
that should 
be unwrapped.

Are there any other classes that should be unwrapped ?

Thank You


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