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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Question about external dependencies.

First of all, I'm not planning on changing this behavior, I'm simply trying to understand the reasons behind the existing methodology.
It may make sense to change it later... or not.

I understand that multiple manufacturers' JDBC drivers and other jars are potentially needed. However, it seems to me that since the jar names do not overlap (or could be made to not overlap), that a single "external dependencies" location should be sufficient.
Therefore, I'm asking why do we need two default locations?

It doesn't even seem that only oracle jars are being put in "" in all cases, so it looks like it is just a matter of two different standards being used simultaneously. But I am not certain if there is another reason behind it.

Also there is the question of why do we have a definition:

yet define most "external library" variable defaults as stored in "/extension.lib.external". As evidenced by definitions like:


It seems much cleaner to set defaults like:



That way the ${user.home}/ could just contain a redefinition of the dir itself, and/or possibly a few library definitions
if they are different drivers, or differently named.


Tom Ware wrote:
Hi Eric,

At the moment, I just define oracle.extensions.depend.dir. I am not sure about the extension.lib.external or directories.

One thing that is important to keep in mind is that JDBC jar location will need to be set both by people using Oracle and by people using other DBs.


Eric Gwin wrote:

Until recently I didn't use the "extension.lib.external" or "" directories. I am curious why we need two. I'd think that the oracle jdbc drivers and all other external dependencies are named differently than each other.

  Wouldn't a single directory be more efficient?

Also wouldn't defining a variable "extensions.depend.dir" make more sense that a plethora of explicit library definitions?
That way the minimum redefinition would be a single value (extensions.depend.dir), unless someone chooses to store them separately thus requiring a redefinition of all the external dependency library values.


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