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RE: [eclipselink-dev] Build reorg.... (silence=+1)

Sounds a good proposal. 

Ideally, the implementation can be included in both EclipseLink 1.1 and 1.0 branch. Per discussion with Eric, this may not be implemented in 1.0 branch in the near future, due to the other 1.1 prorities and no plan for 1.0.3 yet. 

I think the proposal can be divided into 2 layers:
1. user interface changes
a) Target names for building and testing, e.g., build-core, test-sdo and so on
b) Some property names in and, that users would most likely cumstomize in <user_home>/ and <user_home>/, e.g., jdbc.driver.jar, db.user, db.pwd and so on.
2. underneath implementation

I am conservitive on 1a) and 1b). If we do have to change these and there is a chance for 1.0.3, we'd better to back port the changes to 1.0 branch. 


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Might be good to discuss the highlights at the weekly meeting and get sign-off there. that way people reading this have a deadline for their feedback.


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Subject: [eclipselink-dev] Build reorg.... (silence=+1)


Attached is my proposal for cleaning up the build. Read if interested, I 
will assume silence=agreement (+1).

I want to have a patch available for review next week.

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