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[eclipselink-dev] SVN Commit: Bug#247022 - high throughput performance

SVN Commit: Bug#247022 - high throughput performance



- Moved weaved shallow clone into PersistenceObject from PersistenceEntity to allow usage from aggregates.

- Removed some 1.4 redirects from JavaPlatform as well only support 1.5.

- Optimized IndirectList for when no register, and remove some unnecessary synchronization.

- Made some micro optimizations to ObjectBuilder, add support for building aggregates into existing row.

- Changed isolated sessions to use normal HashMap instead of ConcurrentMap as concurrency is not required.

- Added hard coded (no reflection) container policies for common containers.

- Removed old CMP ObjectTracker.

- Optimized UOW read-only classes, changed to a Set.

- Optimized UOW with no changes.

- Optimized AggregateMapping to avoid cascading events if the target descriptor is simple.

- Optimized AggregateObjectMapping to build into the parent row, instead of creating a new one and copying.

- Some minor optimizations to mapping.

- Fixed EnumConverter cast.

- Added support for default container class, updated all collection mappings and queries to use default, instead of hard coding Vector.

- Optimized EJBQueryImpl to execute read-only queries using the client session, avoid creating unit of work.

- Fixed bad usages of Descriptor.getMappingForAttributeName (linear search) to use ObjectBuilder.getMappingForAttributeName (indexed).


Code review: Andrei (pending)


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