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[eclipselink-dev] Fix for 251005: sessions.xml requires JNDI initial-context-factory-name updated to reference WebLogic

	The following proposed fix for 251005 is ready for review by anyone.


This one found by Pascal F.
Currently fixing for 1.1 only (1.0.2 will remain as-is)
The following jdni property needs to be updated to point to WebLogic

	Submitting 3 constant changes for review, I am a bit concerned about the change in TransportManager - however this class is a generic abstract class above what what was previously OC4J specific in the jgroups version and not server specific.

	I will test eclipselink.jar on an app that has some native orm on WebLogic 10.3 and OC4J 11 before checking in.
	The nightly server tests should perform a full regression test.

	thank you

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