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[eclipselink-dev] Fix for 210280: spaces in the (un-URL decoded) persistence unit path fails when assertions are enabled

	The following fix has been checked in for 210280

		By default we are running with assertions off (-da) - thanks Gordon.  A customer is evidently running with assertions on (-ea) and file existence assertion was failing on a check that does not work with encoded %20 spaces.  We did not fail because the assert check was ignored.  The fix is to decode the path but this isFile() existence check is not required here and will be removed.

	Turn assertions ON for the JVM and run a JPA SE test where persistence.xml is in a path with spaces (encoded as %20)
	Add the following JVM switch to your launch configuration (the ... at the end is required to disable on subpackages)



	Code Reviewed
		Gordon - thanks for finding the fact that we running with assertions disabled.

	Testing: with assertions disabled by default
		org.eclipse.persistence.* compile check OK
		test-jpa, test-core OK

Sending content: view_w34b\jpa\org.eclipse.persistence.jpa\src\org\eclipse\persistence\internal\jpa\deployment\  
Completed: At revision: 1765  

	thank you

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