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RE: [eclipselink-dev] Attention: Changes to build planned for next wee. WAS: (Re: Proposed changes to automated build - use of JDK 6)

	This sounds good, I have been running on JDK 1.6.0_04 (targetting 1.5) locally for the last 3 months no problem since the change to add the compiler version tag [javac.version=1.5 (default)] was added to 1.0M9 on June 9th in REV 17631

	thank you

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Sent: Friday, September 19, 2008 14:20
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Subject: [eclipselink-dev] Attention: Changes to build planned for next
wee. WAS: (Re: Proposed changes to automated build - use of JDK 6)

Hello all,

Since no one responded to to this email earlier, it seems that nobody 
cares about a compiler change
from JDK 1.5 to Jdk 1.6 (specifying a targeted vm of 1.5). However, I 
wanted to give fair warning anyway.

I currently testing out this change, and am planning on making it 
permanent next Wednesday (8/24).
This change will impact all branches nightly and continuous builds, but 
Eclipse based builds not at all.

If you have any concerns let me know.


Mike Norman wrote:
> As part of my work for bug 239832 <> to 
> add DBWS to the automated build, I discovered
> that the EclipseLink build environment is missing some things that 
> were previously available
> in ADE. The Ant extension library 'ant-contrib' has a custom task 
> <PropertyRegex> that
> performs regular-expression manipulations on Ant ${properties}.
> However, Product Management does not want our build process to depend 
> upon custom Ant
> tasks written by a third-party or ourselves. I tried a number of of 
> ways to solve the problem and
> discussed this with Eric and it turns out that he has a related issue 
> - the built-in Ant logger/listener
> is not producing the output Eric requires for the automated build 
> notifications. A custom Ant
> logger task would solve this, but ...
> After some investigation, we discovered that JDK 6 has a built-in 
> Javascript interpreter: no
> third-party or custom code is required. When used in conjunction with 
> Ant's <scriptdef> task,
> I was able to successfully build and test DBWS, and Eric will be able 
> to create a scripted solution
> to his logger/listener problem.
> All <javac> targets would specify that Java5 bytecodes are to be 
> produced, so we are not
> 'abandoning' existing Java5 customers.
> We have discussed this with Peter and he sees no problems with this 
> ... any issues/questions from
> the rest of the Dev community?
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