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[eclipselink-dev] Fix for bug 247076 - LiteralExpression does not print SQL in statement

The following fix has been checked in, and was previously reviewed.

Bug 247076 - LiteralExpression does not print SQL in statement
(a patch file has been uploaded to this bug)

- Added writeFields method to LiteralExpression, overriding the superclass' _expression_.writeFields method. The writeFields method prints the passed literal String value of the LiteralExpression into the SQL statement.
- Added LiteralExpressionTest regression test to check that a literal _expression_ retrieves correct results and verifies that no exception occurs when a query involving a LiteralExpression is executed.
- Modified ExpressionTestSuite to add reference to LiteralExpressionTest

Code review:
Not required (previously reviewed by Chris Delahunt)


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