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RE: [eclipselink-dev] SVN top level repository changes.

Sounds okay to me.  I would prefer to have the work performed over the weekend as it will have less impact on current development.

Will open transactions have to be manually merged?

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Sent: Friday, July 18, 2008 10:31 AM
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Subject: Re: [eclipselink-dev] SVN top level repository changes.

Hi Tom,

  It shouldn't change the URL.  The repository( at the filesystem level 
) will be moving from /svnroot/rt to 
/svnroot/rt/org.eclipse.persistence, everything else should remain the same.


Tom Ware wrote:
> Hi Matt,
>   At the moment, our SVN views point to URLs that look something like: 
> svn+ssh://<username>
>   Will this change change the URL we point to?  (i.e. will we have to 
> rebuild our views to point to something like: 
> svn+ssh://<username>
> -Tom
> Webmaster(Matt Ward) wrote:
>> Hello Eclipselink team,
>>  Currently uses an SVN layout of one top level repository 
>> (eg: /svnroot/rt ) and all sub-projects have their own directories 
>> within the repository.  Due to changes occurring in the technology 
>> repository that involve migrating some projects into  RT  and other 
>> repositories this layout is no longer feasible.  As such we have 
>> decided to move to a one repository per project model, and since you 
>> are currently the only project in the RT repository we plan to start 
>> by moving your project to ease the transition of other projects into 
>> the RT domain.  So I'd like to move your repository by Sunday July 
>> 27th at the latest, the move should take about 3 hours and in the end 
>> should be completely transparent to you.  Here is the move plan that 
>> I intend to use after testing it this week:
>> 1) Set repository as read only by altering conf/authz and changing 
>> @eclipselink-dev = rw to @eclipselink-dev = r
>> 2) Dump repository -> svnadmin dump /home/data/svn/rt > 
>> /home/local/data/svn/svn.dump
>> 3) Archive existing repository -> cp -rp /home/data/svn/rt 
>> /home/data/svn/rt.backup
>> 4) Delete current repository -> rm -rf /home/data/svn/rt
>> 5) Create new repo -> mkdir 
>> /home/data/svn/rt/org.eclipse.persistence; svnadmin create --fs-type 
>> fsfs
>> /home/data/svn/rt/org.eclipse.persistence
>> 6) Copy original config files and edit authz to set path to /
>> 7) Correct permissions -> /home/data/svn/setup 
>> /home/data/svn/rt/org.eclipse.persistence jeff rt-dev
>> 8) Edit dump file to remove leading org.eclipse.persistence 
>> directory, remove path from the Node & copy path entries: sed -i 
>> 's/path: org.eclipse.persistence[\/]*/path: /g' 
>> /home/local/data/svn/svn.dump
>> 9) Load dump file -> svnadmin load 
>> /home/data/svn/rt/org.eclipse.persistence < 
>> /home/local/data/svn/svn.dump
>> 10) Set ACLS for HTTPS access
>> 11) Edit viewvc configs
>> 12) Re-enable write on repository: @eclipselink = r -> @eclipselink=rw
>> 13) Edit apache dav settings, reload apache
>> So the question becomes when in the next week can we arrange this?
>> -Matt.
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