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[eclipselink-dev] Propose postponing Wed June 25th EclipseLink meeting to Thurs June 26th at the same time

I am sorry for the short notice, but a few things have come up to make Thursday at 2:00pm ET a better time for the meeting this week.

a) Ganymede release.  A few of our regular attendees are heavily involved in this release.
b) Graduation Review.  The EclipseLink graduation review is happening Thursday at 15:00:00 UTC (Thu 11:00 AM ET, 8:00am PT).  I would like to have this weeks meeting after the review.
Does anyone who usually attends, or was planning on attending have an issue with Thursday at the same time?  If so please let me know.  I will assume that everyone is okay with this change unless I hear otherwise.

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