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[eclipselink-dev] Fix for bug 237999 - Duplicate SQL is generated on reading object tree through UnitOfWork with beginEarlyTransaction

Bug 237999 - Duplicate SQL is generated  on reading object tree through UnitOfWork with beginEarlyTransaction

The following fix for 237999 has been checked in, and was previously reviewed. Patch files for core and testing were uploaded to the bug.

Code review: James


Duplicate SQL is generated because UnitOfWork cache checks are not being performed when an early UnitOfWork transaction is begun. This occurs whilst reading a tree of related non-indirection-enabled objects using the aforementioned UnitOfWork.

ObjectLevelReadQuery does not check the UnitOfWork cache when an early transaction is in place. the UoW cannot utilize the shared parent session cache because an early transaction has been started.

- Added countOccurrencesOf(Object, List) API to Helper (for testing)
- Always call checkEarlyReturnImpl() within checkEarlyReturn() in
ObjectLevelReadQuery when called on UnitOfWork, removed checks.


- Added testcases for ZeroPrimaryKeyExistenceCheckTest and
- LRG (OK)

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