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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Question about OSGI manifest entries

Hi Mitesh,

Eclipse actually has a fairly decent OSGI manifest editor. (Although it does not pick up on the 72 character limit at the moment) Any Java EE version of Eclipse starting with 3.2 will have it.

The bundle classpath is automatically added by the editor and I believe it is used by the OSGI environment to find classes and resources. The idea is that there could be multiple entries in there. (i.e. some directories, some jars etc...) For the most part ours just points to ".".

If the 72 character limit is a big concern, I suggest entering a bug to track it. Have you heard of an OSGI environment where that will likely be a problem?


Mitesh Meswani wrote:
I was going through manifest entries for EclipseLink bundle and had following newbie questions/comments

  1. All the manifest files have entry "Bundle-ClassPath: ." Why is
     this required?
  2. Currently the manifest entries for OSGI seems to be generated
     manually via checked in MANIFEST.MF files. I think we should
     switch to using some tools. For example GlassFish V3 is using tool
     call bnd <>. I have personally not
     played with it a lot but, from my brief interaction I liked the
     tool. It takes care of many requirements on manifest for OSGI. For
     example I was told that a valid manifest line for OSGI can only be
     72 chars long. I could see that at least couple of lines in
     EclipseLink are more than 72 chars long which might not work on
     all platforms.

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