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[eclipselink-dev] Question about OSGI manifest entries

I was going through manifest entries for EclipseLink bundle and had following newbie questions/comments

  1. All the manifest files have entry "Bundle-ClassPath: ." Why is
     this required?
  2. Currently the manifest entries for OSGI seems to be generated
     manually via checked in MANIFEST.MF files. I think we should
     switch to using some tools. For example GlassFish V3 is using tool
     call bnd <>. I have personally not
     played with it a lot but, from my brief interaction I liked the
     tool. It takes care of many requirements on manifest for OSGI. For
     example I was told that a valid manifest line for OSGI can only be
     72 chars long. I could see that at least couple of lines in
     EclipseLink are more than 72 chars long which might not work on
     all platforms.


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