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[eclipselink-dev] RE: Fix for 209413:eclipselink.sdo notice: Pending removal of deprecated SDODataObject methods

    The following change has been checked into eclipselink after a 1 week wait period.
    Code reviewed by Blaise.
    thank you
-----Original Message-----
From: Michael O'Brien [mailto:michael.obrien@xxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Saturday, November 10, 2007 09:09
To: 'eclipselink-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx'
Subject: Fix for 209413:eclipselink.sdo notice: Pending removal of deprecated SDODataObject methods

    See bug and eclipselink.sdo patch
        The following deprecated (May 2007) get/set functions on SDODataObject will be removed late next week 15-16 Nov.
        These internal public functions have been deprecated for 6 months, therefore any API that may still reference the older (non "_" prefixed) methods should transition to the new ones before their removal.
Old Names (to be removed next week):
    public String getContainmentPropertyName()
    public ValueStore getCurrentValueStore()
    public HelperContext getHelperContext()
    public List getOpenContentProperties()
    public Map getOpenContentPropertiesMap()
    public List getOpenContentPropertiesWithXMLRoots()
    public String getPath()
    public String getSdoRef()
    public ValueStore getValueStore()
    public void setChangeSummary(ChangeSummary aChangeSummary)
    public void setContainer(DataObject container)
    public void setContainmentPropertyName(String aContainmentPropertyName)
    public void setCreated(boolean created)
    public void setDeleted(boolean deleted)
    public void setHelperContext(HelperContext aContext)
    public void setModified(boolean modified)
    public void setOpenContentPropertiesWithXMLRoots(List openContentPropertiesWithXMLRoots)
    public void setType(Type aType)
    public void setValueStore(ValueStore aValueStore)
New Names (for ongoing use out-of-interface) since May 2007:
    public String _getContainmentPropertyName()
    public ValueStore _getCurrentValueStore()
    public HelperContext _getHelperContext()
    public List _getOpenContentProperties()
    public Map _getOpenContentPropertiesMap()
    public List _getOpenContentPropertiesWithXMLRoots()
    public String _getPath()
    public String _getSdoRef()
    public ValueStore _getValueStore()
    public void _setChangeSummary(ChangeSummary aChangeSummary)
    public void _setContainer(DataObject container)
    public void _setContainmentPropertyName(String aContainmentPropertyName)
    public void _setCreated(boolean created)
    public void _setDeleted(boolean deleted)
    public void _setHelperContext(HelperContext aContext)
    public void _setModified(boolean modified)
    public void _setOpenContentPropertiesWithXMLRoots(List openContentPropertiesWithXMLRoots)
    public void _setType(Type aType)
    public void _setValueStore(ValueStore aValueStore)
    Test suite:
    Design Reviewed by Denise
    Pending larger EclipseLink review - to commit late next week 15-16 Nov 2007.
thank you

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