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[eclipselink-dev] Fix for 209688 - SDO: Issues with LoadAndSaveXMLEncodingAndVersionTestCases and Xerces parser


Please review the fix for the following bug and provide any feedback you may have:

Bug summary:

"Document encoding verification fails for two test cases (testLoadFromAndSaveAfterDefineMultipleSchemas & testClassGenerationLoadAndSave)  because they call into xmlHelper.define with an input format (FileReader & String, respectively) not supported by the Xerces SAX parser - not supported meaning that the parser will not get the encoding from the instance doc.  FileInputStream can be used in both cases w/o negatively affecting the purpose of the tests."

Code reviewed by michael.obrien@xxxxxxxxxx


David McCann | Principal Software Engineer | TopLink Product
Oracle Corporation Canada
45 O'Connor Street, Suite 400
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 1A4
613.238.2818 (fax)

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