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[eclipselink-dev] Minutes: EclipseLink Developer Meeting Agenda (2PM EST - November 7)

Tom Ware Rick Sapir, Roger Striffler, Mike Norman, Dave McCann, David Twelves, Guy Pelletier, Gordon Yorke, Chris Delahunt

Status updates
- M1 - Shipped
 * Download is available on eclispelink web page
- M2 Planning
* Nightly build in progress. Eclipse Webmaster has provided necessary resources, just a matter of getting scripts going
 * Foundation & JPA Status - Working on removal of deprecated code
* OXM, JAXB, SDO - For M2, SDO feature complete and support in JAXB for XMLElement attributes
 * Documentation Status
     - Eclipse legal is still reviewing the intial EclipseLink User's Guide
- Doc plan remains available: - Continuing to convert the exiting docs to wiki format and will begin posting to the EclipseLink wiki as soon as word is received from Eclipse Legal review. * ER 200040: New XSD for metadata: Need agreement on goals, benefits, and risks/issues - Guy P.
       - Discussions about EclispeLink XML format in progress
       - Guy will send out initial discussion document
       - Hopeing to set up an initial meeting on Friday, November 9
- Publishing of internal design/architecture documents to assist committers and contributors in their understanding of Eclipselink * Doug Clarke was unable to attend. We will follow up on this issue next meeting.

General Issues
- Dev Process
  * Changes should now have bugzilla entry associated with them
* Patches for review should not be attached to email, but instead attached in bugzilla
  * Documented at:

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