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RE: [eclipselink-dev] Using JUnit4 and Ant in EclipseLink ...

This custom 'runner' may be a simple helper but it requires and implies an accepted testing infrastructure (framework) be in place to provide the resources (ie. properties files) for this 'helper'.  What has not been decided on is what form that infrastructure will take.  As Doug mentioned we will want a common infrastructure (framework) in place not a haphazard collection based on the whim of each committer.
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First off, because of Oracle's wonderful e-mail system (in combination with whatever is at the other
end of eclipselink-dev), I didn't see Tom's e-mail this morning. I was under the impression, based on
our face-2-face discussions yesterday afternoon that 'commons' was a GO - obviously not.

I still strongly believe that we should have a 'commons' directory-structure (and parallel Eclipse projects).
The first example of common library and/or code is the custom JUnit4 runner for testing, hence the
sub-dir "eclipselink.commons.testing":

        |   about.txt
        |   ...
        |   \---eclipselink.commons.testing
        |       |   .classpath
        |       |   .project
        |       |   pb4.jardesc
        |       |  
        |       +---lib
        |       |       about.txt
        |       |       ant.jar
        |       |       junit4-ext-pb4.jar

It is used by both DBWS tests and non-JDBC args tests. Second, some DBWS tests do not depend on core
EclipseLink at all - just a JDBC connection from which metadata is extracted (unit testing what happens in the
DBWS BuildDBWSWar Ant task)

re: Gordon's comments about testing frameworks
I would like to clarify - there are only 2 testing frameworks, our internal one and JUnit4.
The custom JUnit4 runner I wrote is not a third framework - it is more like a 'helper'
in the same way that XMLUnit was a 'helper' to JUnit3.

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