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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Using JUnit4 and Ant in EclipseLink ...

First off, because of Oracle's wonderful e-mail system (in combination with whatever is at the other
end of eclipselink-dev), I didn't see Tom's e-mail this morning. I was under the impression, based on
our face-2-face discussions yesterday afternoon that 'commons' was a GO - obviously not.

I still strongly believe that we should have a 'commons' directory-structure (and parallel Eclipse projects).
The first example of common library and/or code is the custom JUnit4 runner for testing, hence the
sub-dir "eclipselink.commons.testing":

        |   about.txt
        |   ...
        |   \---eclipselink.commons.testing
        |       |   .classpath
        |       |   .project
        |       |   pb4.jardesc
        |       |  
        |       +---lib
        |       |       about.txt
        |       |       ant.jar
        |       |       junit4-ext-pb4.jar

It is used by both DBWS tests and non-JDBC args tests. Second, some DBWS tests do not depend on core
EclipseLink at all - just a JDBC connection from which metadata is extracted (unit testing what happens in the
DBWS BuildDBWSWar Ant task)

re: Gordon's comments about testing frameworks
I would like to clarify - there are only 2 testing frameworks, our internal one and JUnit4.
The custom JUnit4 runner I wrote is not a third framework - it is more like a 'helper'
in the same way that XMLUnit was a 'helper' to JUnit3.

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