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RE: [eclipselink-dev] 1.0M1 Exit Criteria & Schedule

What is "MOXy"? Can you provide any references to content that distinguishes/positions MOXy, TopLink OX, TopLink JAXB? (is MOXy a superset of OX? Peer? Competitor/replacement? etc.)
In the roadmap, "Move JAXB implementation and tests into MOXy component" is a Milestone 2 item: is there a MOXy component in M1? Does it use something other than JAXB in M1?
In the roadmap, it refers to CMP3Policy: is it not true that there is no such thing as "CMP3" ie. "CMP" is "JPA" in EJB 3.0? Why are we using this (confusing?) "CMP3" terminology? Or, how do you distinguish "CMP3" from "JPA"?
Since we live in both the EclipseLink & TopLink worlds, I would find it helpful to see the roadmap explain the relationship between what we see on OTN (TopLink Object-Relational aka straight JDBC, TopLink Essentials - JPA, and TopLink Object-XML - JAXB) and what we see in EclipseLink (Object-Relational: JPA 1.0 + extensions, Object-XML: JAXB 2.0 (almost) + extensions, and SDO 2.1). How are the two worlds different, how are they the same, do we intend to have "TopLink" compete with "EclispeLink", etc.
There's nothing in the roadmap (or this M1 list) on documentation: there is a "Wiki Content" item. Do you expect all "technical publications" (dev guides, etc) to be Wiki content? What are your doc'n expectations (by milestone)?
What's an ""? What does it contain? How does it differ from the JAR & src zip?
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Subject: [eclipselink-dev] 1.0M1 Exit Criteria & Schedule

EclipseLink Component Leads and Developers,
I have been working on an initial roadmap ( and want to start working on a more concrete plan for an initial milestone as we move towards a 1.0 release. I would like to get a concrete set of exit criteria for 1.0M1 and then we can work backwards on what needs to be done and pull together a schedule.
My rough thinking on what we may want to include
  • Deliver the functionality included in the initial contribution. No new features planned beyond what has been done.
    • Add descriptions on RoadMap as well as document the use cases that users should expect to work
  • Complete initial component organization of source and tests
  • Automated build process - nightly?
  • Testing
    • Automated nightly testing on MySQL or Derby?
    • LRG defined and working for OracleDB and MySQL/Derby that developers can use to validate check-ins
    • Server testing available for manual execution? 
    • JPA CTS run by Oracle
  • Packaging
    • Only JAR and src.ZIP (No OSGi bundle for this milestone)
    • Ensure proper about.html file(s) created and populated
    • Distributable with allowed dependencies and document for additional required dependencies
  • Wiki Content
    • Organize content to clearly address users versus those who wish to develop or integrate EclipseLink
    • Users: How to get started with EclipseLink JPA, EclipseLink MOXy, and EclipseLink SDO
    • Developers: Explain components, how to build, how to test
Please provide your feedback on this list any any other items you feel we nee to addressIf there are functional bugs then we should get them filed in the Eclipse bugzilla and add them to the exit criteria. 

This milestone is targeted at early adopters and is not an official Eclipse release as we are still an incubation project. The priority is getting through a milestone and working out the processes. I want to plan milestone builds at a relatively fixed so consumers can gain confidence and rely on our scheduling.
Please provide you feedback by the end of the week (COB Friday September 14th) and we can schedule a meeting for next week to discuss open issues and nail down our exit criteria. 

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