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[eclipselink-dev] FW: Configuring to connect to Eclipse Repository from inside the firewall on Windows

All committers,

Please verify that you have read and write SVN access based on the following instructions. Within the trunk folder there is an about.txt file you can edit to test your ability to commit changes.


-----Original Message-----
From: Tom Ware 

Hi All,

  Thanks to help from Gordon and Matt Ward (the Eclipse Webmaster),
here's how you can get to the Eclipse SVN repository.

1. Install a Subversion client

SSH Config - you'll need to do this no matter what client you use
1. Get PuTTY
2. Configure a PuTTY session with the following information
- Session - Host Name =
- Proxy - Proxy Type = HTTP
- Proxy - Proxy hostname = <proxy-server>
- Proxy - Proxy port = 80
3. Save that session and give it a name <sessionName>, but do not open it

Tortoise Config
1. Get TortoiseSVN and install it
2. Create a directory to check-out to
3. Right click and select SVN Checkout (an option that TortoiseSVN will
give you)
4. Use the following for the URL:
5. Click ok - this will ask you for your password a bunch of times, but
should succeed at checking out
6. To avoid the password dialogs
- Right Click and go to TortoiseSVN - Settings
- Select Network
- Add the following  under "SSH Client": C:\Program
Files\TortoiseSVN\bin\TortoisePlink -l <userName> -pw <password>
- Note the password is clear text, so be a bit careful what you use for
your password
- Note substitute your TortoiseSVN install directory

SVN Config - (this will help you use Subclipse and possible Subversive
from within Eclipse)
1. Got to C:\Documents and Settings\<userDir>\Application Data\Subversion
2. Edit "config"
3. Scroll down to the "[tunnels]" section
4. Add the following line: ssh = C:\\Program
Files\\TortoiseSVN\\bin\\TortoisePlink.exe -l <userName> -pw <password>
- Note password is clear text again
- Note substitute your TortoiseSVN install directory
5. Save the file
6. Restart Eclipse

With this configuration you should be able to use the same URL as for
Tortoise to connect through your eclipse plugin (which you'll also have
to install) .  I have made it work in Subclipse.  I haven't tried
Subversive yet.


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