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Re: [eclipselink-dev] EclipseLink dependencies

Doug Clarke wrote:

Peter is right. The first issue is the version of JUnit we are going to use across the project. I would like to see it be consistent (avoid multiple versions) and inline with any testing infrastructure we need on the Eclipse servers.

Additional questions:

With the DBWS functionality and tests not part of the initial contribution can you verify that this ANT extension is required by the test cases in the initial contribution?

What does this extension do? If we have testing infrastructure it should be used beyond the scope of a single developer and should be adaptable by other functional areas trying to solve similar issues. I would not want to see each functional area come up with its own testing silos and thus introduce a barrier to understanding and joining our project as a contributor or committer.

If in the end we do require this functionality and it aligns with our JUnit usage we should start capturing information about its existence and usage on the project's wiki. 

Note: We plan to start discussing our wiki structure so that we can attempt to better organize at least our initial wiki usage.

I had some discussions with Peter about this a few months ago and my recommendation at the time is to use JUnit4.

JUnit4 runs both old and new tests - the old tests extend junit.framework.TestCase; the new test use annotations
@Test, @Ignore, @Before, @After

package org.junit;
public @interface Test

Version 3.8 is officially 'end-of-life' according to the JUnit developers (Kent Beck, David Saff); the last fix applied to the
3.8 was more than 2 years ago.

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