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Re: [] General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) at Eclipse Foundation

Dear Eclipse Team,

2018-05-04 22:43 GMT+02:00 Christopher Guindon

> As you may know, a new EU regulation referred to as the General Data
> Protection Regulation (GDPR), which covers data protection and privacy for
> all individuals within the European Union, becomes enforceable on May 25th,
> 2018.

Yeah - and there are some last minute questions.

>From Eclipse sites, GitHub repositories might be linked. I think,
users know that GitHub is an external site and thus the Eclipse
Foundation does not need to state anything about it.

What about project pages hosted on GitHub pages? For instance: (found via Google:
"") Is there any additional requirement? Is
there an audit needed for that, too?

BTW: GitHub updated their terms of service:
- they also allow to establish a Data Protection Agreement for
companies. - Is that a topic for the Eclipse Foundation?

Funny thing to read and think about:



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