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Re: [] Use of GitHub Issues by Eclipse Projects

Hi Oliver.

We haven't fully formalized this yet. When the word came from the board that we could implement GitHub Issues, the Webmaster decided to just make it happen and sort out the implementation details as we go. We managed to hit a few communication channels, but the process has been very organic. You could say that we've let the cart get ahead of the horse.

The use of GitHub Issues has been approved by the board, but the resolution requires that you obtain PMC approval. So, to make use of GitHub issues, create a bug against Community/GitHub so that we can track the request. Since PMC approval is a requirement, please ask your PMC (via their mailing list) to approve the request directly on the bug (things move more quickly when the webmaster doesn't have to hunt this down).

Wiki is just a Git repository that contains project documentation, so we can turn this on for projects that require it. Again, open a bug against Community/GitHub

GitHub Releases can be used, but the PMI is the canonical location for review documentation.  Similarly, the EF-provided download server is the canonical location for distribution of project artifacts. We intend to extend the PMI to automatically populate release records with related issues (like what we do with Bugzilla now) and automagic linkage to related GitHub release records.

Note that you can lump all your project's GitHub settings requests into a single bug.

I've created a bug to track the documentation requirement.



On 15/01/16 10:40 AM, Oliver Kopp wrote:
Dear Mike,

Thank you for pushing these things forward. I think, everything has
been said about the motivation and the drawbacks.

2015-11-10 4:24 GMT+01:00 Mike Milinkovich <mike.milinkovich@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

A number of the projects which host their development at
GitHub subsequently asked if they could also start using GitHub Issues,
rather than Bugzilla for tracking issues.
Is there a page, which describes which steps I have to follow to use
more features GitHub? Regarding GitHub issues, I think, I understood
the steps.
Regarding the following things, however, the process is unclear to me:

 * usage of GitHub as primary git repository
 * usage of GitHub wiki for documentation etc.
 * usage of GitHub releases for performing releases.

Could you put some light in here? Maybe a pointer? Could be
interesting for others, too?


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