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On 2015-06-04 09:03 PM, Doug Schaefer wrote:
The cdt-dev mailing list has been around for a very long time, 14 years I
think, and it¹s never been moderated. Never saw the need and unmoderated
lists promote openness.

Hi Doug,

I'd argue that allowing non-members to post to a list promotes even *more* openness.

I have actually heard from colleagues that they once tried posting on our project's list (tracecompass-dev), but when they saw their message rejected saying they had to register, they just didn't bother further.

Of course opening the list to non-members means more potential spam, which is why we (the project maintainers) would take care of the extra moderation workload. It's not so much that "I want to moderate my list!", but rather "I want non-members to be able to post, I offer that we handle the moderation then".

Members' posts would still go in automatically. It's just non-member posts that would go to the moderation queue. Maybe that part was not clear.

All discussions should happen in the open by default, not private.

I completely agree here. I am not advocating for people to reply off-list, but rather to use the "Reply All" options, to reply to *both* the poster and the list. I find that the Reply-To header causes more problems than it solves, and a good part of our community agrees with this. Which is why I would like this option to be configurable per-list/project too. I could go into more details if you'd like.


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