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I could see some reasons why projects may want to host and administrate their own mailing lists, rather than using the ones provided by Eclipse. For example:

1) Forced Reply-to header (see bug #447980), which enforces a certain discussion flow, which may not fit all projects' preferences.

2) Impossibility to post on the list without being registered. Adding this extra step may turn some users away from posting to the list.

Of course the reason for this is probably due to reducing spam. But this could be solved with the following point:

3) Impossibility to moderate our own lists.

I have gotten some of my own, on-topic emails rejected from our project's mailing list. Inversely, we've had emails on our list that I would have considered spam and not have approved, if I had the possibility to do so.

To be honest, I was considering at some point hosting our own public mailing list for our project, rather than using the Eclipse provided one, mainly due to the points above. Giving additional flexibility to project maintainers could encourage them into using the Eclipse mailing list a bit more.

my 2c


On 2015-06-03 03:28 PM, Mike Milinkovich wrote:
On 03/06/2015 9:22 AM, Jay Jay Billings wrote:
We have three public mailing lists for ICE, but what if someone wants to just send something to an inbox and not join a list? We have found over the past few years that many users prefer a single project email instead of a public list. (Government types, you know. Most of the time we end up forwarding their letter to the list!)

Alternatively, what if we want to CC an email address on all of our bug reports that is not a list but we all have access to? What if someone wants to email us a question that they don't feel like putting on a public list like "What can I do to use ICE in my proprietary project at company X?"

Certainly we could just use my email address for these things, but that is not appealing for a variety of reasons. Ideally we could have a single project inbox that we could all monitor for these communication edge cases. So we created <> because we thought that we could only get mailing lists through the Foundation.

Ah, now I understand. I personally dislike all those forms of private communications, largely because they are almost always completely unnecessary.

I am sure that this is not a unique requirement to ICE. How do other projects handle this?

P.S. I do not understand the "...what if we want to CC an email address on all of our bug reports that is not a list but we all have access to..." use case. Why wouldn't you just use the mailing list so the discussion is archived?

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