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Re: [eclipse.org-project-leadership] Coverity Scan for Eclipse projects

We are not hosting Coverity Scan at Eclipse. We have installed an open source plugin that directs the relevant information to the Coverity Scan service.



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Does this mean we can use Nexus Pro now at Eclipse?


On May 31, 2013, at 3:22 PM, Ian Skerrett <ian.skerrett@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:



Coverity is providing a static analysis service, called Coverity Scan, for open source projects. They have created a Hudson plugin that will automatically start the scan of an Eclipse project during your build.


We have installed this plugin on the Hudson sandbox server so Eclipse projects can test the Coverity Scan service. Details on how to enable the scan are below. If you have any questions, please contact Dakshesh Vyas (dvyas@xxxxxxxxxxxx) from Coverity.



Ian Skerrett



Steps in brief:


1.      Add Coverity Scan plugin to your build process on https://hudson.eclipse.org/sandbox/

2.      Register your project with Coverity Scan

a.       Note - Make sure to use the same project name as the project name in ‘Eclipse’ job

3.      Enter the ‘Project token’ received at the end of registration process into the build step of ‘Coverity Scan’ plugin

a.      Note - Project token and Project name is being used to check for valid registration.

4.      That’s it – Every time build is run, Coverity Scan will perform static code analysis.



Steps in  Detail with Screenshot:-

1.      Add Coverity Scan plugin to your build process on https://hudson.eclipse.org/sandbox/


2.      Click on “Click here to register” to register your project with Coverity Scan

3.      Sign-up using your email address with Coverity Scan


4.      Confirm your email by clicking on the confirm email link.

                                                    i.     <image003.jpg>


5.      Click on “Add Project” and Register your project with Coverity Scan



6.      Note down the “Project token” under “Project Settings” page



7.      Enter “Project token” in plug-in



8.      Once the code is analyzed, you will be able to view the summary defects directly in the plug-in. Details of the defects can be viewed by sign-in to Coverity Scan.


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