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[] Re: Time to trim inactive committers

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Wenfeng, (all)
A good idea thanks - I've posted bug to collect design ideas.

- Bjorn
re:  Obviously, if someone appears inactive in the limited stats I have collected but you know them to be an active committer (maybe they answer newsgroup posts or write tutorials or ??), then you are not required to decommitterize them. The decisions are yours to make, but I encourage you to trim more rather than less as "Active participation ... is critical to the success of the Project."
Is it possible to have a "set to active" action for committers  who is active  on web site, news group, bugzilla, etc..?  Such status can be good for N month, after which your auto-activity-checking will kick back in.     With this tool, we can set a goal to have a clean committer list that only have active committers and "Committer Emeritus".  otherwise, we will always have some active committers in "red square" inactive status.

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