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Re: [] Time to trim inactive committers

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Kenn, (all)

The “inactive” status isn’t entirely accurate for projects/components that are new (i.e. it’s possible that committers haven’t committed anything yet because the project /component was only recently provisioned). It seems that Dash has the information to make this distinction (based on the shaded cells that appear in the active committers report); could the new portal box be modified to reflect this distinction?

Could you point me to an example project so that I can understand what you're suggesting?  I agree that the source code commits activity information is only an indication, a hint, at the activity or inactivity of a committer - as project lead, you know much more about the project than any automated tool could.

I'm happy to improve the tool, but I'm not exactly clear on what you are asking for here. Maybe you want it to show green if the person hasn't had their account long enough? That's a good idea (and now bug

Another observation is that the election participation information isn’t as useful for projects with components since not every committer is eligible to vote in every election (mind you, this will be addressed if/when the proposed changes to the development process are approved; when do you expect that might happen, by the way?).

Again, you are correct and you are the final arbitrator of committer activity. The current Foundation database (as you point out), does not have enough information to determine the committer elections.

Mike has scheduled a Board vote on the new development process wording at the June 19th Board meeting.

- Bjorn

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