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Re: [] remove download pages (but not the tars/zips) for releases >= 5 years old?

The product catalog generate generates "branding" links to such things that the user can click to find out more about what's in the package

Do we really have to remove the pages or just minimize the links that reach those pages? 

I definitely agree it's not worth spending the time to fix or change such very old pages.  Also, nothing will be broken if the links aren't in the catalog; links won't be shown the the user when not available.  But I'll probably need to revisit which pages are visited by the generator to avoid repeatedly looking for things that can't be ever found, which is still less work that fixing old pages...

On 14.09.2022 02:28, Jonah Graham wrote:
Hi folks,

I have been going down a bit of a rabbit hole that started with bad bugzilla links and then me reviewing the contents of and realizing that there are lots of small problems there

Rather than spending anymore of my or Webmaster's time cleaning up these old pages I want to remove the download pages for all releases before 2018-09 (the parts under . The old release zips/tars/dmg will continue to be preserved (forever?) in

Note that earlier this year we already removed many of the pages (like - archive link) in Issue 10

Is there any objection to this? I am pretty confident about doing it, but wanted to sanity check with the rest of you first. 


Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

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