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Re: [] some simrel projects that (may) need some attention

Thanks, Fred.


On Thu, Nov 18, 2021 at 1:41 PM Frederic Gurr <frederic.gurr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have removed the EGF SimRel contribution.



On 18.11.21 17:22, Wayne Beaton wrote:
> Thanks for this Jonah.
> I believe that the intentions expressed by the EGF project are clear:
> the project has left the simultaneous release and we need to remove the
> corresponding aggrcon file.
> I'm not sure what to think about XWT and Papyrus. They are both just
> absent from the 2021-09 release, but are present on either side. They
> announced their intentions pretty clearly IMHO and nobody responded, so
> I guess that we just have to be okay with it. As I mentioned below,
> selectively dropping from a release is unprecedented and, frankly, I'm
> not sure what the implications are. The Planning Council should probably
> have some opinion on the matter.
> Eclipse Data Tools bothers me. It feels like something that's going to
> blow up on us. As I stated below, it hasn't been updated in the
> simultaneous release for three years. There have, however, actually been
> a couple of updates in the project's repository.  Most recently (July
> 9), a committer pushed a fix "Master build is broken
> <>",
> but AFAICT the contribution to the simultaneous release has not changed.
> It looks like the two active committers actually made a few commits
> during that time frame, but -- again -- those changes have not been
> sponsored into the simultaneous release as of this writing.
> It's not at all clear to me that anybody is testing the four year old
> Eclipse ACTF bits with the latest Platform drops. This worries me.
> These are just the things that I noticed.
> Wayne
> On Thu, Nov 18, 2021 at 10:07 AM Jonah Graham <jonah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> <mailto:jonah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
>     Hello fellow Planning Council members,
>     Wayne's recent email about simrel participation highlighted some
>     projects that may need a review in terms of participation full email
>     is below, but these projects may need a review in regards to their
>     participation:
>     - Eclipse Mylyn
>     - Eclipse EGF
>     - Eclipse XWT
>     - Eclipse Papyrus
>     - Eclipse Data Tools
>     - Eclipse ACTF
>     If anyone knows about or can tackle some of the above easily, please
>     do so and let us know.
>     Jonah
>     ~~~
>     Jonah Graham
>     Kichwa Coders
> <>
>     ---------- Forwarded message ---------
>     From: *Wayne Beaton* <wayne.beaton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>     <mailto:wayne.beaton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>>
>     Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2021 at 00:12
>     Subject: [cross-project-issues-dev] 2021-12 project participation
>     To: Cross project issues <cross-project-issues-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
>     <mailto:cross-project-issues-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>>
>     Greetings Simultaneous Release Participants!
>     It's that time of the quarter again.
>     Please have a look at the participation page
>     <>. If I have something
>     wrong, please let me know. 
>     I've made my usual best guesses at what version of each project's
>     software will be included in the 2021-12 simultaneous release. Based
>     on what I see in the simrel repository, though, I think that a few
>     of you need to create release records for your contributions.
>     If your project is pushing a new version and I have the wrong
>     version selected, please ensure that you have created a release
>     record with the correct version number and date. If that's in place,
>     then please respond to this thread with the correct version
>     information (or just send me a separate note).
>     If your project is contributing a major or minor release and has not
>     engaged in a progress or release review within one year of the
>     release date, then please engage the EMO ASAP to schedule a review.
>     Note that even if you do not need to engage in a progress or release
>     review, *you are responsible for ensuring that the intellectual
>     property due diligence process has been completed for all of the
>     contents of your release*. If you have open CQs for content that
>     will be included in the release, please reach out to
>     emo-records@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:emo-records@xxxxxxxxxxx> to request
>     that they expedite processing.
>     If you haven't yet, consider trying the Eclipse Dash License Tool
>     <> to review the license
>     state of your project's third party content.
>     Remember that you do not need to submit your IP Log for review if
>     you are not engaging in a progress or release review. If you are
>     uncertain about the status of your project's intellectual property,
>     you can submit the IP Log with a comment requesting that the EMO
>     review your project for conformance (when you submit an IP Log for
>     review, the EMO will assume that you're initiating a release review
>     unless you indicate otherwise).
>     I've noticed a few things...
>     Several Eclipse Mylyn features are disabled. Is this a problem? What
>     is the status of this? It feels a little late to be asking this
>     question, but will Eclipse Mylyn be updated in time to be included
>     in the release?
>     Eclipse EGF dropped out starting with the 2021-09 release.
>     Can/should somebody remove the aggrcon file?
>     Eclipse XWT and Eclipse Papyrus have been reactivated in the
>     repository. In June
>     <>,
>     these projects "decided to opt out of the train for this release".
>     To the best of my knowledge, opting out completely (that is, not
>     contributing even old bits) of a release is unprecedented, so I'm
>     not sure what (if anything) special needs to be done here. AFAICT,
>     nobody from the Planning Council expressed any concerns in response
>     to the declaration from the project teams, so I've added them back
>     in. Please let me know if this is a problem. AFAICT there is no
>     release record for Eclipse XWT that corresponds to this release.
>     There are some very old components in the simultaneous release. The
>     Eclipse Data Tools features are, AFAICT, more than three years old.
>     Eclipse ACTF is more than four years old. Are these features being
>     tested? Is there anybody on this list representing the interests of
>     these projects?
>     Thanks for your attention.
>     Wayne
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