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[] 2022-03 and 2022-06 schedule

Hi folks,

I prepared the schedule for 2022-03 and 2022-06. 

As discussed in the call the schedule is the same cadence as 2021-03/06. We considered bringing in M1 by one week, but that would land it in the middle of the Christmas break, so this is a reminder that 2022-03 M1 is 4 weeks long and spans Christmas.

The only scheduled data of concern is 2022-06 M1 which concludes on Easter Friday. However 2020-06 M1 +0 was Easter Friday, and 2020-06 M1 +1 was Easter Monday. I propose that we just leave the schedule as is. I have spoken with the individuals who I believe are impacted and they all confirm that they are ok.

Please review and confirm that it is ok.



Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

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