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Re: [] [eclipse-pmc] [cross-project-issues-dev] m2e 1.18.0 and SimRel 2021-06

I disagree.  This caused issues for m2e, regardless of the fact that they should or should not have reacted to the change is besides the point.  I have to believe the chances of others being hit by the same issue outside of the release train is high.
I did not see exactly what m2e did to solve the problem.  Do they now have a hard requirement on slf4j 2.0 alpha?  Yet again, I would view this as unacceptable to depend on something that has been in perpetual "alpha" state since 2019 and according to the slf4j site is not in a stable state right now.  I do not think it is a good idea for us to depend on and ship such things.

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As far as I'm aware, the current state of SimRel is OK with the new m2e version and that there is no more problem to fix.
So if everything is OK, I don't think we should try to add more complexity on Platform end; especially since Platform did communicate very early about that and has no responsibility in m2e not reacting promptly enough. I agree with Sravan that the outlined plan is more than we can handle calmly in a few days with limited resources of several Plaform/SimRel developers.
Having an 2.0.0-alpha1 transitive dependency isn't too critical in practice; Jetty 10.x release is currently shipping this requirement and this has been good enough for Jetty so far. I don't think it would cause more hard to the Eclipse Platform.
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