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[] IDE wg and representation discussion

Hi folks,

The IDE WG is progressing well in terms of becoming a full WG. As you know, one of the things this means, according to the charter, is that the Planning Council's new home is as part of the IDE WG.

Can we add an agenda item for tomorrow's meeting on this topic please. 

The approved charter should be published soon, but it does not differ much from the published draft:

Here are the key parts of the draft charter related to planning council (to save you having to read the whole thing):

In the steering committee section:

The Planning Council chair or their designate is eligible to a seat on the Steering Committee.

Then there is a whole section for the planning council:

Planning Council

The Planning Council is responsible for establishing a roadmap and coordinated release plan that balances the many competing requirements. The release plan describes the themes and priorities that focus these releases, and orchestrates the dependencies among project plans.

Powers and Duties

The Planning Council is responsible for managing the Eclipse IDE Simultaneous Release, cross-project planning, facilitating the mitigation of architectural issues and user interface conflicts, and all other coordination and integration issues. The Planning Council discharges its responsibility via collaborative evaluation, prioritization, and compromise.

The Planning Council has the following responsibilities:

  • Planning and requirements gathering and management;
  • Setting the names and dates of Eclipse IDE product releases;
  • Setting, evolving, and enforcing the policies and procedures for participation of Eclipse open source projects that contribute content to the Eclipse IDE Simultaneous Release;
  • Setting, evolving, and enforcing policies and procedures for the creation and distribution of Eclipse IDE products, along with all intermediate products;
  • Setting, evolving, and enforcing policies and procedures governing supporting products (e.g., marketplaces, statistics gathering and data collection services, ...);
  • Establishing practices to mitigate risk and ensure overall quality of the processes and resulting products;
  • Providing technical guidance and oversight for the working group’s projects;
  • Establishing developer communication channels; and
  • Establishing user support channels.


Members of the Planning Council are generally senior technical experts.

The Planning Council is composed of:

  • One representative designated by the Project Management Committee (PMC) for every top-level project for which at least one subproject is a simultaneous release participant;
  • One representative designated for each Strategic Member; and
  • Additional representatives as approved by the Steering Committee.

The Planning Council elects a chair of the Planning Council. This chair is elected among the members of the Council. They will serve from April 1 to March 31 of each calendar year, or until their successor is elected and qualified, or as otherwise provided for in this Charter.

Meeting Management

The Planning Council meets monthly.


Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

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